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The art of piano tuning

About the beginning of the 1800s, piano tuning began gaining popularity as a profession alongside the "pianoforte" community. Unlike previous musicians who generally tuned their own harpsichords, early piano tuners were engaged upon being trained and employed in piano factories, often undergoing apprenticeship of about 5-7 years.

A number of factors cause pianos to go out of tune, one of them being atmospheric changes, such as humidity. Especially in tropical countries such as Singapore, this phenomenon can cause the soundboard to swell, stretching the strings and causing the pitch to go sharp in high humidity, with the opposite effect for low humidity. When the piano is left unattended in this form for extended periods, it will inadvertently lead to expensive repairs; whatever the situation maybe, Piano Tuner Singapore piano repair is able to appraise and provide the most stable piano tunings the market has to offer.

Pianos that are prized by their owners are tuned regularly, usually once every six months for domestic pianos, and always just before a performance in concert halls. The longer a piano remains out of tune, the more time and effort it will take for a technician to restore it to proper pitch. When a piano is only slightly out of tune, it loses the glowing tonal quality characteristic of a freshly tuned piano, especially because each note in the middle and upper range is sounded by more than one string, and these may get slightly out of tune with each other.

Pianos that are more than slightly out of tune tend to be unpleasant to play and listen to, to an extent that varies with the ear of the listener. A tuning hammer and tuning mutes are the main tools that piano technicians use. Some tuners use pure aural techniques while some tuners use electronic tuning devices. 

Many piano manufacturers recommend that pianos be tuned at least twice a year. Piano Tuner Singapore piano tunings and piano repair has been consistently reviewed to provide the highest quality tunings, lasting exceptionally much longer than other generic off the shelf tunings.


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