PITCH RAISE - SGD$80**(promotional period - usual SGD$100)

Piano Tuner Singapore Cost Estimates


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*Piano tuning would approximately take an hour or slightly longer. All piano tunings are performed using the aural/scientific method, taking into account piano make and inharmonicity of strings.
**If your piano has not been tuned for more than 6 months, "Pitch Raise" maybe required with additional time and cost. Appraisal and recommendation will be done on site.
Starting September 2018, all Spinet and Non Traditional Upright Pianos will be provided a more accurate costing for tuning upon calling in, and maybe different from the estimates published in the public forum.


 #All Single Tunings, Pitch Raise and General Servicings are performed on CASH payment on site, following the stated pricing which will be provided upon calling in or via SMS. Promotional Pricing is applicable only for selected piano models at residential areas on main land Singapore, who settle in CASH and where there is more than one piano to tune at a single venue back to back. Charges for additional work may occur. Before any additional work is done, your permission will be obtained. Terms and conditions apply.


PITCH RAISE - SGD$30**(promotional period - usual SGD$60)

VERTICAL / Upright Pianos
Grand Pianos

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Piano Tuner Singapore Piano Tuning and Repair


Other Piano Tuner Singapore Piano Repairs Include:

Action Removal, Action Cleaning, Tighten all Screws, Action Regulation, Hammers, Shanks and Flanges, Keys, Dampers, Strings and Pins